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Help Protect Michigan's Prevailing Wage Law

small group of special interests are threatening our lawmakers if they don’t take steps to slash pay for skilled construction workers by eliminating prevailing wage laws. Signatures to repeal Michigan’s 52-year-old law were turned in to the State in November. If state election officials certify that roughly 252,000 are valid, Legislators will have a 40-day window to vote on the repeal.

Under prevailing wage, both union and non-union workers are able to securely provide for their families. Michigan lost many skilled trades workers during the last recession and these workers are just starting to get back on their feet.

Common-sense prevailing wage policies mean that the state will have a more skilled and educated workforce, as well as safer local construction jobs for Michigan men and women. Michigan Prevails supports those Michigan construction companies and workers who help keep the state and economy running.

You can make a difference. Send a letter telling your Representative to support Michigan workers by supporting Michigan’s Prevailing Wage law.